Bolivian Quinoa Farmer


If you enjoy cereal for breakfast, we have cereals with progressive ingredients that will kick start your dietary needs while being conscious not only of the environment but of the people whose livelihood depend on producing the cereals that you love.

Our sister company Kashi travelled to Bolivia to look at ways we can help support the farmers who provide us with nature’s super food Quinoa. You can feel good knowing that part of the funds you spend on your well-being has been allocated to various community projects in Bolivia including providing solar powered light and fresh water to communities who would not survive without the production of Quinoa.

Quinoa is considered a super food with many people now opting for the nutrient dense complete protein.

In Bolivia, Quinoa is known as the “Mother Grain” as it provides all nine essential amino acids which make it a complete protein.

We are all about getting to the grass root levels of where our ingredients come from and of course the amazing farmers behind this produce. Kashi and Be Natural have been working to narrow the gap between harvesting and your table, all while pushing for greater awareness of sustainability.
The Marketing & Sustainability Teams at our sister company, working alongside their quinoa supplier, took an incredible trip to the heart of the Quinoa farmers native crops in Bolivia to learn more and take part in some very exciting projects.

Quinoa is grown and harvested within the unchartered territory for most, four thousand meters above sea level. The living standards are quite simple for Bolivian Quinoa farmers where our Quinoa is sourced; in some cases with little access to fresh water or light beyond candles in their homes and farms.

During our team’s mission they found that there were areas of these farmers’ lives that they could further enrich and stabilize with a little bit of love and work.

Apart from being further educated on the production of Quinoa our team set out to help with the simple things that we may take for granted, like power.
Funding was provided through the “Lights On” project to power these farmers’ homes and harvesting sheds with nature’s gift of the sun. Solar panels were introduced so now these farmers and their families can study, cook and interact in ways that they never could without adequate lighting.

The other giving back project is something we are most proud of; running water was provided to people in communities who never had access to something so straightforward and imperative to survive.

Climate change has proved to create some instability and in turn uncertainty for the livelihood of these farmers. Irrigation systems were installed to help stabilize farmers’ crops; this has improved crop yields by up to 50%. 
As well as the irrigation systems, further hoses were provided to allow the community to have flowing water which provides access to washing and drinking. These are some of the initiatives we are involved with to continue to give back and improve the quality of life for the consumer and producer from the plant up.

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