Be Natural® Muesli & Quinoa Bars - Blueberry, Choc, Almond & Coconut

Enter the Pleasure Zone!

For you choc lovers (we understand!), we had to do it. We had to have a delicious bar for you. So what did we do? We took our signature five whole grain bar, blended with nuts and seeds and took it to a whole new deelish level. We crammed in coconut and blueberry pieces and then lightly dipped it into smooth choc for a taste that’s out of this world. It's beyond!!

Also available as single serve bars in selected retailers.
  • Ingredients:
    Whole grains (27%)(oats, wheat, barley, rye, triticale), choc compound (15%)(sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids, cocoa powder, emulsifiers [soy lecithin, 476, 492], natural flavour, salt), glucose, blueberry pieces (blueberries [5%], sucrose, sunflower oil), invert sugar, nuts (almonds [4.5%], peanuts), coconut (5%), raw sugar, pepitas, puffed quinoa (3.5%), vegetable oil, puffed rice, humectant (glycerol), molasses, cinnamon, emulsifier (soy lecithin).
  • Allergen Notes:
    Contains gluten containing cereals, milk, almonds, peanuts and soy. May contain traces of other tree nuts.
  • Serving Size: 35g
    Energy: 600kJ
    Sugars: 9.8 g
    Sodium: 14 mg
    Carbs: 21.1 g
    Fibre: 2.2 g
    Fat: 5.2 g
    Protein: 2.2 g